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Turquino National Park

Turquino National Park
Turquino National Park is in the Sierra Maestra Mountains, the highest, steepest mountain range in the Cuban archipelago.
The park contains the highest mountains in the country, including Cuba Peak (6142 feet [1872 meters] above sea level) and Turquino Peak (6476 feet [1974 meters] above sea level), the last redoubt of several species of Cuban flora and fauna, with notable differences among them depending on the altitude: they include everything from dry coastal thickets to mountain rain forests and small bushes typical of low-lying plateaus.

Covering a large area in both Santiago de Cuba and Granma Provinces, in eastern Cuba, it is a land of rivers, forests, mountain peaks and valleys covered with lush vegetation, giving visitors the sensation of being on the top of the island.  This is a wild place whose difficulty of access and great variety of well-preserved species of flora and fauna make it one of the most important protected areas in Cuba.

Turquino National Park contains both impressive natural attractions and important historic sites.

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