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Ocean: Absolutely beautiful, no words can explain, I didn't want to leave. Food: Seriously, for all those who are complaining about Cuba, did you ..

“Fantastic hotel getaway!!”

The hotel has a charming, old world atmosphere with extremely friendly and courteous staff. All are friendly and do all they can to make you welcomed ..

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Tour di chua Huong
Du lịch chùa Hương 1 ngày giá rẻ đặc biệt hấp dẫn với dịch vụ uy tín.
Mékong tour
Le @@link est un tour très agréable pour tout le monde et pour les gens qui aiment le voyage
saigon - phnom penh en sampan
Vous pouvez voyager à @@link et puis visiter Can tho
3 jours dans le delta du mekong
Les tourites peuvent rester de @@link et reposer après des jours stressés

Varadero sightseeing

Varadero sightseeing
About 500,000 tourists travel to Varadero every year looking for a deserved holiday at this excellent beach destination. However, Varadero is much more than just a great beach. There are lots of attractions in Varadero and the surroundings. If you are planning to have an active holiday, when you travel to Varadero on your next Cuba vacation, I guarantee you will never get bored.
Of course, water sports are many tourists’ favourite in Varadero. Apart from the incredible beach, when you travel to Varadero you also have many other water pastime options to choose from.

Those who enjoy scuba diving can take advantage of excellent Varadero scuba diving facilities.  There are about 28 diving spots in Varadero and from Barracuda diving center you can have access to amazing underwater caves. The more than 40 coral species and the diversity of its flora and fauna, which includes more than 70 different kinds of molluscs and a wide range of fish, lobsters, shrimps and crabs make it especially attractive for tourists.

Deep-sea fishing, yachting and other water sports are popular in this area.

Varadero beach surroundings hide lots of other interesting attractions. If you look at a map of Cuba, you will see that Varadero is located on the Hicacos Peninsula; its tip is the northernmost point of Cuba.

Nature lovers would appreciate the nature reserve at the north-eastern end of the peninsula. This ecological preserve is home to many species of birds and reptiles, there are also the ruins of La Calavera (The Skull), which were the first salt works of the Spanish in their colonies.

Amazing caves, such as La Cueva de Saturno, where you can dive in a flooded by sea and inland water cave surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites is also an interesting choice. You can visit one of the more than 10 exciting almost virgin cays, popular among Varadero tourists.

The ecologic beach, a little farther from the main beaches, is a natural reserve that offers tourists an almost virgin beach. There one of the oldest trees in Cuba can be seen. Some people say that this tree, called El Patriarca, dates back to the time when Spanish conquerors had not even arrived to this island.

If you are thinking of exploring the surroundings, nature has been quite generous in the areas around, not far from Varadero. You can visit Bellamar Caves and appreciate these amazing uinderground formations that have called attention of tourists and speleologists for years, or enjoy the view to the Yumury Valley, a beautiful Cuban landscape, where royal palm trees really reign.

Those looking for fun can also find in Varadero the right place for a great holiday. A karting track and an amusement park to burn your adrenaline, a dolphinarium where you can try swimming with dolphins and enjoy an incredible show, several excellent golf courses for those who love golf. Music lovers will enjoy live salsa concerts and the more than 10 discos available at Varadero resorts.

There are certainly lots of things you can do in Varadero, but if you are just looking for an ideal Cuba beach destination, a place to relax by the sea, and enjoy a few days off all the stresses of everyday life, Varadero excellent well- run resorts will give you all you need for a perfect unforgettable Cuba beach holiday treat.