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The Cuban Wedding Celebration Cuban Wedding Party

The Cuban Wedding Celebration Cuban Wedding Party
As mentioned, everyone is involved in the event when a couple marries in Cuba. Most of the time, the guests will take part in the event by celebrating along with the couple on their way to the church.
In essence, the Cuban wedding party consists of more than just the couple, bridesmaids and groomsmen.
The wedding party includes everyone who attends the event. After the wedding, the festivities generally kick into high gear. Often, the reception or party will last for hours as guests enjoy upbeat music, extravagant meals, and a great deal of dancing.

Cuban wedding traditions and authenticity is held in high regard throughout the whole event, and it can be seen clearly at the reception. One Cuban tradition that is very important for the Cuban wedding is the money dance. During this event, while the music plays, the bride and groom dance together. Guests then pin money to the bride’s dress. This money is considered a gift for the couple as they start their married life. Another of the Cuban wedding traditions comes in the form of gifts. While it is expected for guests to bring gifts for the bride and groom, in the form of items or money, it is also tradition for the bride and groom to provide a gift to each guest. Many wedding couples present their guests with such gifts or favors as handmade items or ribbons with the name of the couple. At more extravagant weddings, the guests are presented with a traditional Cuban cigar to celebrate the occasion.