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Ocean: Absolutely beautiful, no words can explain, I didn't want to leave. Food: Seriously, for all those who are complaining about Cuba, did you ..

“Fantastic hotel getaway!!”

The hotel has a charming, old world atmosphere with extremely friendly and courteous staff. All are friendly and do all they can to make you welcomed ..

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Cuban Wedding Traditions

Cuban Wedding Traditions
Cuban Wedding Traditions, a wedding, in any country, is usually considered a major affair. Often, a great deal of money is spent on the ceremony and reception, and other events like showers, luncheons, and rehearsals. Of course, a wedding is a special occasion.
In countries like Cuba, nothing is spared on the Cuban Wedding. Just like many other celebrations on the island, weddings are turned into a festivity. A Cuban marriage is an exciting event for the bride, the groom, the attendants, and all of the guests too.

The ceremony itself, in Cuba, is actually quite understated. Because of the laws and regulations of the country, which is still communist, wedding ceremonies are not a religious event. Instead, the Cuban marriage is considered civil. Since the celebration does not happen during the ceremony, the festivities happen both before and after.

Generally, a parade or procession of guests, family, and members of the wedding party takes place on the way to the venue. Often, music, dancing, and plenty of excitement come along with this procession. In fact, it has been noted that, in Cuba, just attending a wedding costs quite a bit of money!