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Ocean: Absolutely beautiful, no words can explain, I didn't want to leave. Food: Seriously, for all those who are complaining about Cuba, did you ..

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The hotel has a charming, old world atmosphere with extremely friendly and courteous staff. All are friendly and do all they can to make you welcomed ..

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Cuban Wedding Dresses

Cuban Wedding Dresses
The Cuban wedding attire for the ceremony is generally as equally extravagant as the festivities, for the bride that is.
Cuban wedding dresses traditionally tend to be made from fine silk or satin, and often include full skirts and ruffles.

Often, the more extravagant the dress is the better. However, in more recent times, the Cuban wedding traditions, have been somewhat influenced by the United States. It is not uncommon for a wedding dress on the island to have a more beach style appearance, made from linen or cotton and in a more flowing or understated style. This style of wedding dress is usually favored by women from other countries who choose to wed on the beaches of Cuba.

For men, the wedding attire is fairly basic. It is most common for a man in Cuba to choose a Guayabera shirt. These shirts, a tradition of many Latin American countries, include light linen fabrics, button down designs, and lines of tiny pleats that run vertically between the front pockets. In the Cuban wedding traditions, the Guayabera is called the Mexican wedding shirts.