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Ocean: Absolutely beautiful, no words can explain, I didn't want to leave. Food: Seriously, for all those who are complaining about Cuba, did you ..

“Fantastic hotel getaway!!”

The hotel has a charming, old world atmosphere with extremely friendly and courteous staff. All are friendly and do all they can to make you welcomed ..

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Croisière Mékong - Voyage en bateaux au delta du Mekong Vietnam Détails @@link
bateau song xanh sampan
Au croisière Mékong, les habitants et les visiteurs déplacent par @@link. Les sampans Song Xanh proposent des croisières privées sur le delta du Mékong au Vietnam

Cuban Food

Cuban Food
Cuba food: the main ingredients in the Cuban cuisine are rice (arroz) beans (frijoles) , chicken (pollo) and pork (cerdo, lechon) around this basic components exists a variety of Cuban dishes also known as Comida Criolla. The Cuban cuisine has Spanish and African influences but in general the Cuban dishes are not spicy.
The Cuban Breakfast
  • The Cuban breakfast is a light meal consisting of fresh fruits, mango, pineapple, melon, (ensalada de frutas), bread and butter, coffee with (warm) milk (café con leche), fried eggs (huevos fritos). In the better hotels they serve cheese and ham too.

The Cuban Lunch and Dinner
Common Cuban dishes are:
  • Chicken and Rice (Pollo con arroz) often served with plantains and a sauce of black beans.
  • Roasted Pork and Rice (Lechon asado con arroz)
  • Rice and Black Beans (Arroz y frijoles negros)
  • Picadillo miced beef meat with a sauce of tomatoes, green peppers, onion and garlic.
  • Ropa Vieja meat stew of shredded beef simmered with tomatoes, green peppers, onion and garlic.
Cuba Fast Food
  • There is a growing tendency to fast food in Cuba. At the street stalls, called "Kiosko", cheap Cuban pizza and Cuban sandwiches are sold.
  • At the Cuban fast food chain "EL RAPIDO" you can eat fried chicken. Watch out with this street foods, hygiene is not their strong point.
  • Cuban pizza is popular, made of soft bread, cheese, toppings and sauce with onion, but the quality can not be compared to our standards.
  • In a cheap Cuban eatery, you can eat besides pizza, spagettis with cheese ( something what they call 'cheese'). "Pizzeria Parque Central" in Central Havana is a popular and cheap Cuban pizza restaurant.
  • Consider for quality Cuba food, the fruits from the fresh products markets, called "agromercados", like mercado de Cuatro Caminos Maximo Gomez street 256 Havana Centro. This fruits are Cuba food of excellent quality and without artificial fertilizers straight from the Cuban Urban farms