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Ocean: Absolutely beautiful, no words can explain, I didn't want to leave. Food: Seriously, for all those who are complaining about Cuba, did you ..

“Fantastic hotel getaway!!”

The hotel has a charming, old world atmosphere with extremely friendly and courteous staff. All are friendly and do all they can to make you welcomed ..

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Mékong tour
Le @@link est un tour très agréable pour tout le monde et pour les gens qui aiment le voyage
saigon - phnom penh en sampan
Vous pouvez voyager à @@link et puis visiter Can tho
3 jours dans le delta du mekong
Les tourites peuvent rester de @@link et reposer après des jours stressés

Cuban Drinks

Cuban Drinks
Next time you travel to Cuba you will realize that after a hot day at the beach or a long walk around the city, nothing is better to soothe the heat away than refreshing Cuban drinks.
Many Cubans like beer. There are two main domestic beer brands in Cuba: Cristal and Bucanero.

I personally prefer Cristal, but some of my friends like Bucanero. You can also choose from one of the foreign beer brands available in Cuba: Heineken, Bavaria, Corona and some others.

If you prefer not to include alcohol try Cuban lemonade, an orange juice or a fruit cocktail, they are ideal Cuban drinks for Cuban weather.

Another special Cuban drink is Guayabita del Pinar. A kind of strong liqueur made of a fruit that grows only in the west of Cuba, in Pinar del Rio. Easy to drink, but careful, you can get drunk.

When you travel to Cuba don’t miss Cuban cocktails; they are also a good choice among Cuban drinks. Most Cuban cocktails are prepared with high quality Cuban rum, made of sugar cane.

It is refined in three main forms: white (3 years), gold (5 years) and aged (7 years or more). Some of the most famous Cuban rums are: Havana Club, Caney, Santiago,Varadero and Mulata.

If you really want to experience the taste of Cuba, don’t miss Cuban cocktails. Some of the most popular cocktails in Cuban are: Sangria, Cuba Libre, Mojito, Daiquiri, Saoco, Piña Colada and Cubanito.

You have probably had a Mojito or a Daiquiri. There are two special bars in Havana if you are interested in trying one of these. Hemingway used to have Daiquiries at Floridita and you can get Mojitoes at La Bodeguita del Medio.

I did too, just to try, though Floridita’s daiquiris are much more expensive than any others in Havana.

Well, I have learned to prepare many Cuban cocktails. My friends always enjoy Cuban drinks I prepare for them, so I will include here some of these Cuban drink recipes, in case you decide to warm up before your next travel to Cuba.